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Start thinking about your success and get in touch today for a free of charge, no strings attached (we promise!) 1 to 1 meeting with one of our advisors.

is to secure your competitive advantage, handle all the hassle and let you free to express your potential.

We are specialised in startups and small businesses, adopting a fresh and win-win approach. We do the legwork for you, so you can focus on what you are truly passionate about.

We customise all cost proposals to reflect a realistic budget and base fees on results, rather than on daily rates.

We treat each business as if it were our own and we are relentless when it comes to its success.

professionals working with you and for you! new business set up and management

Among the things we can help startups with:

  • Choosing a viable business idea and developing it

  • Creating a solid business plan and financial forecast

  • Company registration at Companies House

  • Market research. Understanding your customers, your competitors and optimising your product/service.

  • Entry strategy

  • Funding

  • Branding - marketing strategy

  • Budgetary control

  • Recruitment and HR support - Training

  • Finding and securing premises

  • Insurance

  • IT systems

  • Liaising with suppliers and partners

  • Sales strategy

  • Operations management/running the business

  • Corporate policies

  • Legal requirements

Plus, we can help you navigating through:

  • Risk assessments

  • Health and safety

  • Fire safety and assessment

  • Food supplier checks - Supplier audits

  • Training - food hygiene, health and safety, fire safety, first aid, personal licence holder, auditor skills and trainer skills

  • Licensing, such as:

    • Premises licence applications for alcohol sales

    • Provision of late night refreshment

    • Provision of regulated entertainment and entertainment facilities

    • Premises licence variations (full variations, minor variations and DPS variations)

    • Personal licence applications

    • Designated Premises Supervisor variations

    • Premises licence transfers

    • Temporary event notices (TENS) 

If you have any questions, need advice or would like to arrange a meeting with one of our business professionals, call us on 07971 980346 or email us at

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