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United by joint passion and the enthusiasm, our core team has been working together since 2005, we have based our growth on the universal principles of professional competence, pragmatism and constant updating. All leaded by a strong agreement with italian traditions of quality and accuracy, plus a bright passion about the job we do.

Thank to these principles, we have been able to widen the range of our services, which today cover the entire world of construction and service management, plus a brand-new branch, consultancy based, which aims to help new businesses start their activity and guide them to a smooth set-up,  overtaking the initial difficulties of a rough market and letting them concentrate in what they love to do. 

Our desire to improve and some works we had the luck to manage abroad, brought us to expand our area of intervenction: for this we have opened our first London branch in 2017, after having builtd a team of professionals and competences acquired.

Now, as a Central London-based company, we can reach our clients within a small amount of time and being extremely flexible. We are reliable, as our record can testify and our team of employed contractors is outstanding; each one knows how to work under pressure and still delivering satisfying results. 

Discover more about 2MG Property in detail.

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